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HSBC ATM's in Ajijic

I have blogged about this before but I think it is worth blogging about again.

Very often if you try to take money out of your accounts using an HSBC ATM machine you will get a receipt saying “no completada” but the funds will come out of your account anyway.

I am in no way blaming HSBC for this and I know the ATM’s in question have been reported but it is still happening.  You then have to call your bank and in all of our cases we have been reimbursed for the missing funds anywhere from 2 days to 3 months.

I am one of those people who check all my bank accounts everyday and certainly after receiving a “no completada” receipt from an ATM here in Ajiic, Lake Chapala.

The HSBC ATM’s where this has happened to us repeatedly is in Superlake and the other one in the shopping center, Centro Laguna, on the carretera and the libramiento beside IShop.

I recommend that you use Bancomer or Banamex ATM’s as, so far, we have not have any trouble with not getting our funds from these ATM’s.  Also if you have an account with these banks you are not charged for withdrawing funds.

I am writing this as I know many people do not check their accounts online and have no reason to believe that the funds have come out of their accounts even though they did not receive the funds.

I suggest that you check your banks regularly online or some other way to make sure this is not happening to you.

It is difficult enough trying to amass funds without money that you do not receive coming out of your accounts.

Also keep your receipt from the ATM even though it says “no completada” because you may need it to be reimbursed from your bank and  they will need this information to do their investigations.

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