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Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy

Over 7 million people over 13 states including Washington D.C. are without power. The flooding is horrific, fires and winds and 3-4 feet of snow in West Virginia and surrounding areas are devastating. Sandy is being felt from Georgia to Canada.

17 people have lost their lives. There is talk that the record loss of the Arctic Sea contributed to Sandy but who will believe the scientists?

New York is flooded in many areas and New Jersey is also hit very heavily with flooding and 80 homes burned to the ground. President Obama has already provided assistance to New York and New Jersey. The Red Cross is asking for donations to help those in need and the officials are fighting to try and help those who have been effected.

Trees are falling because of heavy winds and snow and it remains very dangerous to be outside at all.

A tanker was evacuated off the coast of North Carolina and all but two of the crew of 14 was rescued by the Coast Guard.

People are encouraged to stay in their homes and there is no sign of let up for the next few days and power could be out for up to 9 days.

If there is anything good about Sandy I would say it has taken the focus off the particularly negative presidential campaign which is winding down to a vote November 6th.

I think most people are sick of the negative ads and rhetoric and it is a welcome relief to be talking about something else which IS important and that is the life of American citizens who are trying to weather this unthinkable storm.

Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, just gave a new conference about the devastation in his state and he commended President Obama on his handling of Sandy and his support to his state. He will be speaking to President Obama again later today after he personally surveys the damage and the ability or not of people who want to go back to their homes.

It is heartening how people can work together in the wake of devastating destruction and wouldn’t it be nice if they could do that in non devastating times.

For those wishing to help those affected by Sandy you may go to

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