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IMSS Insurance vs Private Health Care in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

IMSS vs Private Health Care

We recently know of a medical experience we would like to share with our readers.

A young woman went to a doctor in Chapala and had a sonogram which showed a large cyst on her ovary.

As she had IMSS she contacted them that day, a Wednesday, and was told to go to the Chapala IMSS office to get the proper paperwork at 6:00 am Thursday morning. She did but it took another day to get everything into place and she was to meet the IMSS person on the following Monday. When she met the person on that following Monday she was told they would call her with an appointment asap for Clinic 89 in Guadalajara. The doctor in Chapala had told her that there was a risk of rupture or torsion so speed was of the essence as the ability for her to have children in the future could be at stake which she had told IMSS from the outset.

In the meantime, following the appointment with IMSS on Monday, she sought a second opinion from a recommended private doctor in Guadalajara as she could find nothing about Clinic 89 on the internet which did not give her confidence. She saw the private doctor later that Monday and was given her cell phone number to call day or night. Further tests were done at a wonderful lab in Guadalajara in the evening as this doctor seemed to grasp the urgency of the situation and called the lab to have the tests done at once as the doctor wanted to operate as early as the week-end pending results.

About 11:00 p.m. that same night she was in agony. Fortunately, she had the cell phone number of the private doctor in Guadalajara and was instructed to meet her for emergency surgery at Santa Maria Chapalita Hospital.

At midnight she underwent a 2 hour emergency surgery to remove the ruptured cyst and everything went well.