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Internet and Phone Service in the Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico Area

Internet and Phone Service in Lake Chapala, Ajijic, Mexico

I understand that being away from home staying connected to your friends and family is very important.

Here in Ajijic/Lake Chapala we have multiple servers to chose from. There is, and the cable television provider, Telecable, also have internet service. The rates are comparable and high speed wireless is also available. Almost all areas are eligible for service but it wise to check before you decide to rent or buy. Telmex is our phone service but also available are options like Vonage and Skype for your computer making long distance charges considerably less.

These options were not available to us 14 years ago but now staying in touch by MSN or by phone is a pedazo de pastel. (Piece of cake.)

There are also many companies able to get you hooked up and look after all your technical needs at very reasonable price with speedy service available. One such company is New World Technologies centrally located in Ajijic. English, of course, is spoken.

So come on down to Ajijic/Lake Chapala and talking to your kids or grandchildren can be a daily activity.

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