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Internet Medical Advice – Good or Bad?

Things are constantly changing in the medical community and things that used to be accepted categorically are now being questioned.  I think this is a good thing as I am believer in getting a second (or third) opinion for any diagnosis.

This used to mean consulting another doctor but now the internet, has for many, come into play.

There are, of course, lots of jokes about reading something on the internet and you immediateyl experience all of the symptoms.

Jokes aside I think that the internet medical advice can be a useful tool.

We no longer take the word of our doctor at face value and we have more options available to us that we did before.

Don’t get me wrong I think doctors for the most part are a very dedicated lot with the best of intentions but you may be surprised that sometimes tests and even procedures can be called for when not strictly necssary.  There are also incidents where income for the doctor can be derived through these tests and procedures.

In the past operations were performly routinely that no longer take place without indications such as tonsillectomies.

It would appear to me that going online to check out some medical advice can be very useful.  First it can allay any fears you may have about a condition but secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it can give you the terminology necessary to ask better questions to help you get to the truth about