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Is Ajijic Safe?

We had 13 family members here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala from the US and Canada for our son’s wedding earlier this month.

No one had asked “Is it safe or will we be OK?”. Everyone happily hopped on a plane and came to support the family. Granted it is not terrific weather in Toronto at this time of year but nonetheless… Unfortunately, our widely touted perfect weather did not co-operate and it rained every day for 15 days or more days and we seldom saw the sun. It also teamed cats and dogs on the day of the wedding but we moved inside and took comfort in the old wives tale that rain on your wedding day is good luck.

The weather did not prevent us from going everywhere in the day time and at night.

We frequented many restaurants both upscale and not so much and even some of the troops went to the Carnivale in Chapala at night. Fijate! (Imagine that!)

Long walks in Ajijic and on the Malecon were taken and all forms of markets visited and purchases made.

Night clubs were visited until the wee hours and admittedly some alcohol was consumed.

ATMs visited in all locations and I am very happy to report that there was not one incident of any note that threatened anyone’s safety.

We did, however, suggest to our visiting guests, that they might not wish to get involved in dealing drugs while they were visiting the lakeside area.

They took our advice to a man and all was well. I also mentioned that one has to keep one’s eyes open and wits about them wherever there are people and this advice was followed.

Having been born and bred in the big city of Toronto, Canada, I am no stranger to the dangers of a big city. I still feel very safe and happy here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala and so did our visiting friends and family.

Come on down. The weather, once again, is fine!

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