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It's a Boy!

Being a staunch royalist I had to blog about the birth of Baby Cambridge born at 4.24 pm London time today July 22nd, 2013.

Baby Cambridge, as he is being called for the moment, is 8 lb. 6 oz. and both Kate and he are doing well.

Kate had a normal non c-section birth with a labor exceeding 10 hours.

Prince William has been with Kate since she entered St. Mary’s Hospital in London when she arrived around 6:00 am this morning. Baby Cambridge is third in line for the throne but may not ascend said throne for about 70 years with his grandfather, Prince Charles and his father Prince William ahead of him.

Prince Charles said he and his wife, Camilla, are enormously proud and happy at the birth of their first grandchild.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, made some remarks about how important this was to the family and to the Commonwealth. He went on to say the wedding of Kate and William, The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth who has served the nation for 61 years and now the birth of an heir to the throne are all very positive events for the Royal Family and the world.

It is anticipated that we will not know the name of Baby Cambridge for up to 10 days but the names James and George are being bandied about. Also Arthur has been thrown into the mix.

Baby Cambridge is very healthy and is doing very well. Kate also is doing very well and she and William spent about 4 hours alone with their son before announcing the birth to the world.

St. Mary’s Hospital was where Princess Diana had both William and Harry. We will see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their son on the same steps of that very hospital.

Hopefully, we will learn the name of the heir earlier rather than later. When the new family leaves the hospital they will return to their cottage at Kensington Castle and perhaps after that Balmoral in Scotland where they will be able to have some privacy.

The crowds from all over the world are starting to gather outside Buckingham Palace and the mood is one of elation for Kate and William plus one.

Prince William comment on his son’s birth “We could not be happier”.

Having delivered a male heir (even though now a girl could, in fact, be heir to the throne) it would appear that Kate cannot put a foot wrong and is, indeed, born to her role of Duchess of Cambridge and is much loved around the world.

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