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Jitomate Gourmet in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

We went to a new pizza place in the west end of Ajijic on Saturday for lunch with friends and thought we would share it with you.

We went there because my husband had heard good things about them and especially the Pizza with Artichoke Hearts which is delicious.

They have starters of a cheese plate, mushrooms in garlic, portobellos with brie and Mediterranean panela.

They also offer lunches of pork leg, panela, queso Oaxaca and calabacita (zucchini).

Here is a list of their sourdough pizzas:

Marguerita, Vegetarian, Amore mio, Marinara, Mushroom, Heart of Artichoke, Anchovy and Black Olive, 4 Cheese, Salami, 4 Stages which has 4 different flavors (Shrimp, 4 Cheese, Vegetarian and Heart of Artichoke), Pepperoni and Shrimp.

Also every day the have Chef’s specials.  Jitomate Gourmet used very fresh ingredients and their tomato is fresh too.

The excellent Chef is Gerard Militello and he can be reached at 333 597 3076.

Jitomate Gourmet is on facebook – jitomate gourmet

They do not deliver yet but they are working on that.

Jitomate Gourmet is located on the Chapala – Jocotepec carretera # 976A in west Ajijic just past the old Anchor Restaurant.

All four of us very much enjoyed our lunch of delicious sourdough gourmet pizza and cold white wine.  The pizzas come in medium size and we ate three.

Buen Provecho.

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