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Junior's Body Shop

Today clearly was not my day.  Somehow the side mirror on my car was knocked off.  Not completely off as it was still hanging by the wires which allowed it to be operated from inside the vehicle.

I take very good care of my car and am proud to say it was in the same pristine shape as it was when I got it last April.

This is the first time anything untoward had happened and I was not thrilled.

I took it to our mechanic across the street from Collins Real Estate to ask him if it could be glued back on as the actual mirror was not broken.  Beto told me in no uncertain terms that it could not be glued and had to go to the body shop to be fixed with fiberglass so it could be properly reattached.

Fortunately (or not so fortunately), we have had the occasion to use Junior’s Body Shop many times in the past so I called them when I got home to see what it would cost to have it fixed and when could they do it.  They told me to come so they  and could assess the damage and I went right away.

Junior’s Body Shop is on the carratera across from Maskaras Clinic in the way to Chapala and their phone # is 765-4477.  They do speak English.

They asked me if I wanted a “Mickey Mouse job” or a proper job and, as I am no longer driving my 12 Cylinder Jaguar 4 door sedan, I said “Mickey Mouse” would be swell.

They asked me if I could leave it now and it would take an hour.  I said I could and picked it up 55 minutes later done and dusted for $400.00 pesos and it still can be manipulated from inside the car.

I must admit this is the first time I have been offered the choice of cost of service but I was delighted with the results and the price.

I do like living in a community where one can get this kind of service immediately.

There are other body shops in Ajijic, Lake Chapala but we have always been pleased with the service and cost of Junior’s no matter what size and scope the job.

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