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Keep Your Info Up-to-Date

It is very important to keep all of your information up-to-date and easily available in case, God forbid, anything happens to you. The other issue, of course, at our age, is that our memory may start failing us.

We can remember with great clarity where we were when JFK was shot but cannot, for the life of us, remember what we had for lunch yesterday or if we did, indeed, have lunch.

I recently laboriously wrote out all of my User Names and Passwords for all of my web sites that were pertinent such as bank accounts, credit cards, businesses and other various and sundry web sites that are part of my life and the lives of my family. It is also important, as we found out just today, to keep all of your email information current.

Fortunately, a friend and client sent us an email this morning to say that our web site had expired and perhaps we might wish to look into it. Perhaps? Are you kidding me I did the sanest thing and panicked forthwith?

After checking for myself that our web site had indeed “gone wonkie” I frantically contacted our son and web site designer/manager and, gracias a Dios, he was online.

I forwarded to him the emails we were receiving about our web site and he said he would check it out.

He wrote back saying this was a serious situation and why had we not responded to the renewal notices from the domain server. I told him that I check all email accounts daily if not hourly and had not seen anything from the domain server in the form of a renewal notice or anything else for that matter.

Our son got on the phone immediately and came back with the information that the renewal notices had gone to our old email address which is why none of us were aware of the impending disaster.

Our web site was going to implode in a matter of hours and we would have lost all of our valuable information, blogs and, indeed, the name as there were four people on the waiting list for it.

Our son fixed everything and changed our email contact to our current one so this could not happen again. Within an hour our web site was restored and total chaos averted.

At this time for most businesses their web site is the major source of new business. And can you even imagine losing our blogs which people refer to on a regular basis?

We were very lucky to have our friend and client contact us directly to give us a heads up and even luckier that our clever son was online to solve the situation which none of us could have done. Although we are all to some extent technically savvy we are not the true technological genius he is.

Please visit us at our web site: You will find us up and running and open for business. Thanks, God.

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