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Kid's Parties

Our grandson turned 4 years old on May 2nd but we were unable to have his birthday party until yesterday because of scheduling conflicts.  That, of course, begs the question what 4 year old has “scheduling conflicts” but I digress.

We planned a very nice party with Lightening McQueen as the theme.  We had a Lightening  McQueen tablecloth, plates, glasses, balloons, streamers, Happy Birthday banner and the star of the show was a Lightening McQueen cake beautifully designed and executed by our daughter Chef Caitlin and her chef friend.  This cake took two days in the making but was a huge success and everyone was delighted when our grandson recognized it immediately as a Lightening McQueen creation.

The kids had a wonderful time in the pool with the obligatory pool noodles and it was particularly exciting because our grandson can swim now and put on a full exhibition for us.

My husband made kid’s pizza and adult pizza and we had chips of all shapes and sizes, juice, pop and a array of drinks for the adults  my favorite being the delicious Bloody Caesarmy husband concocted.

After pizza, cake and presents the kids went back into the pool for water frolic/ play time and this time our golden lab joined them and had a wonderful time her being a water dog and all.

After everyone had left happy and tired and clean up was completed I collapsed on the sofa to watch some lovely Sunday night TV.

A little later when going to bed I noticed that our lab could not get up on the bed and then I remembered that I had noticed a couple of times earlier her haveing difficulty getting up.

I got her promptly to the vet this morning and after waiting for an hour she was seen and as it turns out she had an inflammed spine due to her energetic antics in the pool.  She is ok and had an anti-inflammatory shot and a muscle enhancing shot and $650.00 pesos later we were home safe and dry.

She is going to be just fine and she did enjoy her afternoon playing nanny to the kids.

I myself am resting quietly.

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