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La Nueva Posada New Lunch Specials

For over 30 years the Eager Family and La Nueva Posada (originally just The Posada) have been institutions in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

Originally started by Morley Eager and his wife, Judy, these experienced innkeeps have provided Ajijic with a consistently superb Hotel, Bar and Restaurant.

Their son, Michael and his wife, Maria Elena, took over management and now Michael’s three out of five children are also in the business. Michael Jr., Wendy and Kristina also work at La Nueva Posada. Michael Jr. has a degree in hotel service management and is now bringing some of his innovative ideas to the table, as it were.

When they were first here they were virtually the only place in town and over the years many new restaurants have come and gone but La Nueva Posada is still going strong with bookings well into the spring and offering facilities for specials dinners, catering and meetings of all kinds.

The Eager family is truly the treasure of Ajijic and some say that Morley Eager put Ajijic on the map. One of his many claims to fame was staging a full production of “Phantom of the Opera” in the bar.

To this day La Nueva Posada is integrally involved in the community and Michael Eager is the “Godfather” to many.

La Nueva Posada is still a popular meeting place and every Wednesday they have “Los Amigos” which is where newcomers can meet people and enjoy a drink (or several drinks) in their beautiful garden overlooking Lake Chapala.

La Nueva Posada updates their menu frequently and recently they have added some new daily menu specials I think are worth mentioning.

They are as follows:

Salmon Mousse served with Champagne Crackers and Condiments $75.00

7 Layered Taco Salad $75.00

Salisbury Steak served over Parmesan French Bread with Onion Sauce $75.00

Bratwurst Plate with Mashed Potatoes and Red Cabbage $75.00

Pork Medallions Picatta with Mashed Potatoes $85.00

Avocado filled with Shrimp Salad served with a cup of the soup of the day $85.00

These specials are served daily from 12:00 pm until closing.

Another item on their extensive menu is a half or whole sandwich with a cup or bowl of the soup of the day. My favorite is sliced turkey, guacamole and alfafa sprouts served toasted or plain on your choice of breads. $60.00 for a half sandwich and $90.00 for a whole sandwich.

Also check out local magazines for a coupon offering you a free margarita or glass or wine with your dinner or light snack.

Buen Provecho!

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