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Lake Chapala, A little about Lake Chapala

Lake Chapala Sunset in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

All my life I have wanted to live near water and now I do. Lake Chapala is the second largest lake in Mexico and it is beautiful to look at as it glistens in the sun. Ajijic is nestled between Lake Chapala and the Sierra Madre mountains which helps with the wonderful moderate climate we enjoy here.

Lake Chapala has a very rich history and many relics can still be found in it. Now there is a dinner cruise you can take on Lake Chapala which offers a beautiful scenic outing with the mountains on both sides of the lake.

Lake Chapala goes up and down depending on the length of the rainy season but it is cyclical and always seems to come back no matter how far it may recede. Ajijic residents have worked very hard to get it on the world wide endangered lakes listing to ensure we can always enjoy its beauty.

Many new home buyers want a view of Lake Chapala while others prefer the mountain views which are constantly changing with the seasons. Both options are available with many properties for sale.

Many people from Guadalajara either have week-end homes here or come on week-ends to enjoy the beauty of Lake Chapla and have a wonderful family time at many of the restaurants which are situated on the lake.

There is a special peace that comes with being able to view the lake and many residents enjoy their morning coffee on their terrazas just starring at Lake Chapala glimmering in the sun. It is good for the soul.

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