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Lake Chapala Go Lab

I had reason to avail myself of the services of the new laboratory Lake Chapala Go Lab located in Plaza Maskaras hidalgo 79-J (where Mom’s Restaurant used to be) in Riberas del Pilar, Chapala.

Their email is: and the phone # is (376) 106-0881. Lulu Garcia is running the new lab and we all know her from Care Labs in the same complex where she worked for over 16 years and built up many close contacts. She opened her new lab a few weeks ago offering excellent personalize service, home service blood samples, reliable results and affordable prices. If you have the “Plan” with Dr. Carlos Garcia your 20% discount will be honored.

My husband went a couple of weeks ago and was very happy with the service.

I went earlier this week and also was very happy. The premises are clean and bright and nicely appointed and I was greeted my name as soon as I walked in the door. This was reminiscent of good Maître ‘d at restaurants in Toronto bit I digress.

All my information was in the computer and the technician was very deft at her job and I was in and out receipt in hand in a few minutes.

I did not get to leave, however, with the mandatory inquiry as to my son’s well being. They never ask about my husband or my daughters but always ask after my son. Now granted our son is very handsome but our girls are beautiful too.

This time I said that he was married and living in Toronto with his wife and I heard an audible groan. I guess hope springs eternal with these young girls.

I remember anything I needed to get done here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala was always a little smoother with our son by my side. All he had to do was smile and we would accomplish whatever is was we needed to get done. This, of course, usually involved young ladies but not always. Clearly our son has a universal appeal.

I was very happy with my visit to Lake Chalapa Go Lab and, hopefully, I will be as happy with the results.

I always trusted Lulu and I know you can too.

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