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Lake Chapala Real Estate in Ajijic, Mexico

Lake Chapala Real Estate in Ajijic, Mexico

We have lived in most of the areas of Ajijic since we moved here in 1994. We started out by renting a 4 bedroom house in the village. A lot of people love living right in the village of Ajijic because of the easy walking access to everything. We found it to be quite noisy. The master suite had a shouting gallery which overlooked the street and when the Mariachis would play or the street vendors pedaled their wares it sounded as if they were right in our bedroom.

From there we rented a four bedroom house in upper La Floresta which had a tennis court and soccer field which was great for the kids. We were on the last street in front of the mountains and our house teemed with insect life. It was a very nice quiet community with good security. The house was very basic, however, and not particularly comfortable.

Thanks to friends we heard about a rental in lower Chula Vista which was a 5 bedroom house with a beautiful pool and large garden and we were extremely happy with this house as the rent was a virtual steal.

Over the years the rent did increase to properly reflect the grandeur of the property and we moved to a 4 bedroom rental in the Racquet Club in San Juan Cosala. This suited me fine as my son and I were avid tennis players the 10 court club was very well run and the views from the house and the tennis club were magnificent. Again it was very quiet with the possible exception of the donkeys just over the wall from our house who brayed happily only in the dead of night for some reason known only to them. We did find the drive back and forth a bit of a challenge and our children were going to school in Chapala at the time.

We next found a beautiful new 3 bedroom house in Villa Nova. This house was extremely well constructed with views both from stories and a pool, however, there was no garden to speak of and by this time we had three dogs.

Our old house in lower Chula Vista became available again and we happily moved back into it and we and our dogs were very happy.

It was about this time that I had come to the decision that renting was not the best way to go in any market so we looked for a property to purchase. I had thought that the house we needed without the 2 children would be very different than the house we needed with them being at home. Silly me! By then I realized that I children would never really leave home and if they did they would always come back to our magical village in the sun of Ajijic. For a few years we also had my father coming for several months every winter to get out of the frozen north.

Finding a house that gave us the bedrooms we needed was not easy but we finally found a house right down the street in Chula Vista from our dream rental. It had five bedrooms, a den, a pool and a garden for the dogs to play. . We bought it in 2000 and have been very happy every since.

Although I loved every area we lived in I was very happy to finally settle in Chula Vista. The kids could walk to school and were very close to Superlake, La Paz (liquor store), Tony’s Butcher Shop and Mail Boxes Etc. We were also on the right side of Ajijic for easy access to Puritan Poultry, The Animal Shelter, our wonderful vet, Antonio Ladron and Maskaras Clinic and, of course the beautiful Chula Vista Golf Course. What else could anyone ask for?

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