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Lake Chapala Reporter – Aprl 2015 Issue

Big development projects are coming to Lake Chapala! Among them is a complex called Lake City, including a hotel, hospital, condos, casino, spa, assisted living facility, and a mall. We interview the developers.

We also take a tour of Hospital Ajijic to find out what it offers. We’re pleasantly surprised.

Dr. Paul East offers an invitation to be part of a class action suit to anyone who has been blocked from leaving a hospital pending payment. He also offers guidelines for reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

As part of his Landlord-Tenant Wars series, Michael Sweig, JD, relates an encounter with a godfather threat involving a local politician.

Local attorney Spencer McMullen reports that he has been successful in the first instance in Chapala of recognition of same sex marriage in a probate case.

Wes Fink contributes two articles this month about the Seguro Popular health system. The first article makes a case for why this program is valuable for expats and seniors, and the second one outlines recent procedural changes.

We also add to our online menus of local restaurants, including those of Armando’s and Hacienda Don Pedro. And, of course, we have the results of last month’s polls about what kinds of technology you have and what you use to communicate with friends and family. We have a new poll for April, which asks what kinds of articles and features you’d like to see more of. I encourage you to let your wishes be known.

And, we’re having an Easter Special: 15% OFF all our subscriptions from now through April! That means that our annual subscription rate is just $51 instead of $60. The same discount applies to our 6-month and 3-month programs, too. To subscribe right now, just click here.

And finally, you’ll notice some changes on our pages. You will now be able to see the status of your subscription by clicking on the new My Subscription link on the main menu. We’ve also added a section called “In Brief…” near the top of the home page. This contains useful bits of information that are too short to warrant separate articles. We’ve also eliminated the Google AdSense ads. Instead, we’ve added ads from our own (therefore, no conflicts of interest) new local bed, bath, and home goods store, Su Casa. It will be located inside Ajijic’s Bugambilias Plaza starting in mid-April. A catalog of Su Casa’s products (so far) is located at

And, just a hint: if you need to change the size of the text or images, just hold down the ctrl key while clicking the + or – key. Presto!


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Below are images of the stories we’ve mentioned above. Just click on the ones that interest you.

The Future of Lake Chapala 

Join the class action suitLandlord-Tenant Wars

Godchild available! Same Sex Marriage Recognition

In probate case – an important firstWhy Seguro Popular Makes Sense

Often misunderstood, it’s a great deal for expats

Revisions to Seguro Popular Procedures

From the outstanding to the horrible

Guidelines for Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention

Seven steps you can take today

Includes current and

ALL past articles

Can you afford not to?

15% off from now

until the end of April

Take Our New Poll for April

What articles and features would you like more of?

Includes current and

ALL past articles

Can you afford not to?

15% off from now

until the end of April

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Lisa L. Jorgensen

Publisher and Editor Lake Chapala Reporter

*For information on the Passion Play and all activities for Semana Santa at Lakeside refer to the Guadalajara Reporter March 28-April 3rd, 2015 Page 12 and 13.

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