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Lake Taco

I had been hearing about this “taco stand” for some time from various sources but admit that I dismissed it out of hand.

When someone tells me about a taco stand next to the Pemex on the libramiento it was not somewhere I had to try.

As some of you know one of our daughters is an amazing cook and when she told me about Lake Taco and how good it was I did have ears for her. We have had family members here for the last 15 days and finding a good breakfast and lunch place was very exciting.

A group of us decided to try it and were we happy we did.

It is run by a Mexican, Fernando, who was trained in California and the tacos and burritos are the best we have ever eaten.

Fernando also has an extensive selection of fresh homemade salsas as well as bottled hot sauces in all degrees of hotness.

The coffee is wonderful and there is a wide selection of cold drinks and beer.

But it is the tacos and burritos which are clearly the stars of this restaurant open for breakfast and lunch.

There are mahi mahi fish tacos fried or grilled, shrimp tacos, arrechera tacos to name a few and burritos as well which can also be fried. There are breakfast tacos and burritos of bacon or ham and egg. My favorite, so far is the fried mahi mahi taco but I am working my way happily through the entire menu.

The tacos are topped with lovely fresh shredded cabbage and their special sauce and are truly delicious.

Over the two weeks we took friends and family member there several times and everyone was always thrilled with their food and could not wait to go back and taste another choice.

The service is very good but not fast as every taco and burrito is made to order but it is well worth the wait. Lake Taco has a lovely view of the lake and is very clean and welcoming.

I suggest you do not wait another moment to try these fabulous tacos and burritos.

Buen provecho!

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