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Las Quekas del Abuelo

We have many wonderful daily surprises living in Ajijic,Lake Chapala. There always seems to be something to capture our imaginations and make us ever grateful for the opportunity of living in paradise.

Last night we were looking for a place to have a casual dinner out with good friends who has just safely arrived from Colorado driving through Ciudad Juarez, I might add, without incident.

Our friends had recently come upon this wonderful little place run by a very nice and clearly talented couple from Mexico City, Sergio and Silvia.

La Quekas del Abuelo is located on Colon #16 in downtown Ajijic. It is just down the street towards the lake from Bancomer on the plaza and look for Zebra Jewelers on the left side. Walk up the few steps towards Zebra and the door to La Quekas del Abuelo is on the left.

They are open from 9 to 9 from Wednesday to Monday.

Sergio and Silvia enjoy the reputation of “La casa de las buenas quesadillas”.

You can order Quesadillas with the following fillings for $12.00 pesos and an extra ingredient for $4.00 pesos:

Shredded Meat

Zucchini Flower



Potato with Chorizo

Potato with Cheese

Raw Cheese


Sliced Poblana Peppers

Minced Meat


Also on the menu is a selection of 4 Antojitos (appetizers) for around $30.00 pesos.

Other Specialties are Chilaquiles for $42.00, Tacos Ahogados for $35.00, Totopos (crispy corn chips) Ahuevados (scrambled eggs) for $30.00 and Flautas Portales stuffed with meat, onion, avocado, tomatoes, cream and green salsa for $35.00

There is a delicious savory Chicken and Oregano soup on the menu.

For $135.00 you can order a family package of 8 quesadillas, 12 chicken wings, baby red potatoes and chiles.

For $80.00 there is a package of 4 quesadillas, 10 chicken wings, baby red potatoes and chiles.

For $120.00 there is a package of 4 quesadillas, 4 gorditas (thick sopas) and 4 sopas all made with masa (corn) flour.

And lastly for $120.00 there is a package of 16 chicken wings, 4 gorditas and 4 sopas.

This little restaurant was a wonderful surprise and the food was really delicious and we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Sergio and Silvia looked after us beautifully with great care and attention to our dinner.

There are tables inside and also in the garden.

Beer and wine are served and we had Bailey’s Irish Cream with our freshly brewed decaf coffee.

Buen Provecho!

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