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Life is Funny

I am not sure if this is Peter’s Principle or some other arcane adage but I thought I would share it with you nonetheless.

I have blogged before about Dermika Dermatology Center in Ajijic Plaza, Carretera Oriente # 57-5 Tel. (376) 766-2500.

The dermatologist I go to is Dra. Tania Sanchez but there is many board certified ones at this location including an ophthalmologist, nutritionist and, of course, and excellent plastic surgeon, Dr. Sergio Aguila Bimbela. I have advised you it is very good to go for cancer screenings every six months which I do.

Sometimes I have gone being worried sick about something and, of course, everything is fine. Today I treated my appointment as a routine visit not expecting anything untoward, as it were, so you can imagine my surprise when Dr. Sanchez said that I had a couple of pre-cancerous spots that required attention.

Have you ever known it to fail? If you think something is wrong – it isn’t, but should you dare to be cocky enough to assume, as we say in our new language, todo bien, then without fail something will be amiss.

Thanks to liquid nitrogen these “trouble” spots were removed quickly and painlessly. Her fee which is most reasonable is the same if she deals with one or 100 real or perceived problem areas. By that I mean she is happy to remove some unsightly spots for cosmetic purposes.

The Dermika offices are clean and bright and they have expanded their space since the last time I was there which is always a good sign.

The staff is very efficient and all appointments are confirmed by phone prior to the date in question.

I have personally known 5 people who have availed themselves of Dr. Bimbela’s expert scalpel and been thrilled with the results. He will do the surgery either here or in Guadalajara. The choice is yours. Who knows maybe one of my next blogs will be about me knowing 6 happy people.

My point, however, is early detection saves lives and I encourage you to get checked out. Nothing sounds better than hearing “you are clean” from your dermatologist.

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