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This is the Spanish word for “rain” and if you did not know this before you do now.

Since Saturday we, here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, have been caught between a hurricane on one coast and a tropical storm on the other.  The good news is that the hurricane has now been downgraded to a tropical storm.

On Saturday my brother-in-law in Toronto, Canada asked me if the big storm coming to Mexico was going to affect us.  I had not heard anything about the inclement weather system coming our way but when we were out on Saturday night watching the big fight between Floyd Merriweather and Canelo Alvarez from Guadalajara, a friend of ours from the next table showed us, on his iphone, the weather that was headed our way.

As we left the restaurant it started to rain and has not stopped until this morning. All this is jolly good for the lake and the gardens but if you ever wondered if your roof leaked you will know now the answer to that question.

We are very spoiled, here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, and rarely discuss the weather as it is almost always perfect.

This last week-end not so much.  However, in the true Mexican spirit we still had tons of people come out from Guadalajara to take part in the Independence Day festivities.  Children’s parades went forward between raindrops and local restaurants and inns were full.

It was still spitting a little this morning but seems to have stopped now even though there is not yet any evidence of our normal sunshine.  Also the temperature has dropped several degrees.

My husband and I noted on Sunday that summer has flown by and fall was certainly upon us.  It may warm up a little back to seasonal temperatures but most Mexicans and expats alike do enjoy the cooler weather this season brings to us.

We still have almost another month of the rainy season.  August was very disappointing rainfall wise but September has certainly made up for that and the Lerma River bed is filling up nicely which supplies water to the Lake Chapala area.

The rain and the holiday week-end have also delayed many local and international deliveries and everyone will be very happy when everything expected is, in fact, received so we can get on with our lives.

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