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Wednesday, June 13th the rainy season began. We had a wonderful storm that night and an even better one the next night. Last night we only had a little rain but already it is cooler and the best season of the year yet again is on schedule. (Rainy Season June 15th-October 15th)

It seems that the grass is already greener, the air fresher and the colors of the flowers more vibrant.

Now we can watch as the mountains turn from brown to green velvet and we can look forward to the nightly spectacular thunder and lightning storms that leave everything so very beautiful during the days of warm sunshine. Seldom does it rain during the day but the golf courses can get a little soggy and occasionally one’s tennis game might be interrupted and it can get a little muddy off the main roads.

These are all minor prices to pay for this most magnificent season of the year.

Gardeners are planning their landscapes and buying plants and flowers to adorn their properties for the rich growing season ahead.

Sales of umbrellas go up even though they are seldom used and you will be accosted at every turn by the man who sells windshield wipers. Be careful he can have them your car before you have a chance to say no.

Outdoor restaurants are putting up their umbrellas and rain curtains are being checked to make sure they are in good repair.

Terraza furniture is being waterproofed and roofs checked for leaks. Sometimes the rain will come down straight and other times it will actually rain sideways so make sure all doors and windows are properly waterproofed too. Many of the snowbirds have never experienced the rainy season and I hope one day they will. One never forgets the sights and smells of the rain and the drama of the storms as they go from one end of Lake Chapala to the other with pounding thunder and spectacular ribbons of lightning.

Wherever you are from I doubt you have ever seen anything like the amazing storms we have here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

Enjoy the rainy season. All too soon it will be over and will start noticing the yellow wild flowers on the mountains which signify the coming of winter. However, winter is just another wonderful season in our paradise in the sun as each season brings its own wonders.

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