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Local Weather in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Weather in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

It is that time of year yet again when I am so grateful that we live in the best climate in the world. (Some say Kenya is also good but the political unrest there makes it a distant second choice.)

I was born in Toronto, Canada and never really thought much about the weather. It was always awful.

The winter was cold, snowy with a low grey sky. If there was a pretty snowfall it was soon grey slush. Black ice was always a risk and deicing your windshield with a scraper (if you were lucky enough to have one that had not broken) or a credit card was commonplace.

February was the month with the highest suicide rate and I usually entered into it with resigned depression if not suicidal tendencies. I called it my February slump as did most everyone else.

One was more hopeful in March as there was some chance (as the saying goes) that it would go out like a lamb . April rained a lot but brought flowers and you might have the odd warmish day. I can remember it snowing in May for Mother’s Day one year and, of course, June brought the black flies followed by the mosquitoes. We sit here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala out on our bugless terrazas and I remember that in Canada although it might be warm enough to sit outside the insects would have a field day.

July there was some possibility of a couple of good weeks but come August the humidity was unbearable.

September was a melancholy month as one knew winter was on its way and October it could be raw and snowy leading into a bleak November. December was OK because of the warm Christmas sentiment but often it would arbitrarily not snow for the “White Christmas” one wanted.