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Lock Shop in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

The other day I returned from walking my dogs I tried to open my front gate but the key did not work.  I called Viki who helps me to see if her key would work from the inside and it worked fine.  We tried to get my key out but not only would it not work it would not come out of the lock.

We tried the old standby WD 40 (a spray on oil ) but still no luck. I took the gate key off my key ring.  Meanwhile Viki tried to get my key out with pliers but if broke off in the lock.

Fortuneately, we have a lock kiosk very close to our house in front of  the Coca Cola outlet in San Antonio Tlayacapan.

I drove there as I did not know how long it would have taken to get my handyman here to fix the problem.

One of the brothers, Juan, came back with me to the house and had the problem fixed in minutes without having to install a new lock on the gate.  This, of course, made me very happy.

The Lock Shop or Cerrajeria Casillas offers Home Service, repairs of locks, combination changes and all services pertaining to cars and their keys and openings.

English is spoken by Ylyo 331 021 6637, Juan 331 250 7819 or Luciano 331 169 0170.

I was delighted with the service and the cost was most reasonable.

We do seem to have a lot of keys to our houses here in Mexico and it is nice to know we have a competent key service close to hand.

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