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Losing Weight

This is a subject that affects most of the people on the planet at one time or another.

There are so many ways that are supposed to help you lose wiehgt such as fad diets, pills, vitamin supplements, juice fasts, more exercise etc.

The other day I saw something, probably online, that really got to me.  It might seem like an oversimplification but it showed a salad plus a glass of water = a nice slim body whereas a hamburger and French fries and a soda or milkshake = a not so nice body. I assure you the graphic was much better but it started me thinking about how we can overthink a lot of things.

I must admit that I have tried most weight loss preparations including the above mentioned and various powders.

It quite simply is the fact that one must work off more calories than one takes in.

So you have to eat less than you do now and exercise more than you do now if you want to lose weight.

To me it is a question of changing your focus.  Instead of focusing on how great food tastes and how much you love sweets focus on how great it is going to be in the morning when you step on the scale and you have lost weight.

Another thing that happened to me was I lost 70 pounds after I had my second child. I did this quite by accident.  I was swimming twice a week at the Bloor Park Club in Toronto and only eating Caesar Salads and Perrier with lime.  I just got into the habit of doing this and one day I was trying on clothes to go on vacation and I took size large into the dressing room and realized that I was now a small and this after only 5 months.

As some motivational speakers, including TonyRobbins,  will tell you it is the dailyness of doing anything that will create results.

When I walked down the halls of an advertising agency with whom I was doing business someone said to me that I looked like Karen Carpenter, obviously, this was not a look that was healthy.

So very slowly  I did start to eat more than Caesar salads again and did normalize my weight.

I have not smoked for almost 4 years now and am finding getting off the weight much more difficult.  However, I did it once and I can do it again.  I will just remember the basics I applied in my teens and that was no bread, no potatoes (no starches) and no goodies.

If you follow this and walk at least for one hour several times a week you will lose weight and feel healthy. Although it is more difficult the older we become it is increasingly important to maintain a healthy weight to ward off many diseases.

We live in paradise here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala where we have fabulous fruits and vegetables all year round. So change your diet to include more plant based foods and decrease you meat intake and replace it with chickin and fish. You will look and more importantly feel better in no time.

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