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Love in Action Center in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

Love in Action Day Trip

The Love in Action Center is a home where children whom have suffered neglect or were in a high-risk environment are placed, by the Mexican Government, so that they are provided with a safe haven.

Love in Action was founded in 2001 by Anabel Frutos, a native Guadalajaran from poor circumstances, who recognized a need for a safe home for children.

It costs approx. $120.00 US per child per month for a monthly total of approx. $6,000.00 US as there are currently 50-60 children housed at Love in Action from ages 1 – 16.

Love in Action can be a temporary or permanent home for these children.

The Love in Action Center is accountable to a board of directors and also has frequent visits from government officials to supervise the many activities at the center.

Parenting classes are offered as well as skills being taught to the children which equips them for the future to generate income. These classes include English, guitar (Anabel’s husband, Raul, is a pastor as well as a gifted musician), tin sculpting, crafts, sewing and salon training.

They recently moved to a much larger facility which has several buildings and room for the children to play. It is in a poorer part of town, however, located at Pedro Moreno #76 in Chapala.

Every year my family likes to do something for the kids at Christmas and this year they chose Love in Action.

They called Anabel to see what was needed then went shopping at Walmart. They took in and prepared for the kids a pasta dinner, roast chickens, two cakes, drinks and toys.

They played with the kids and had a tour of the facility. One little girl of about 2 years appended herself to my daughter’s hip and could not be pried off. Our friends cooked while our children and theirs amused the kids with games and stories. My son and his friend were a great hit and had the kids hanging off them for the duration.

This was a wonderful experience for everyone and it became very clear that what these kids really need is attention and affection. They love Anabel to pieces but she is only one person.

Of course, many other things are needed and you can visit their website at to see lists of the most important items to make these children’s lives more comfortable. Anabel can alsocan be reached by email at:

They say the best thing you can do for yourself to bring you true happiness is to be of service to others. Love in Action is a great gift, therefore, to you and the children.

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