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Lucky Dog Animal Rescue and Adoption Centre in Chapala

We lost our Golden Lab a little over a month ago.  My husband hd grown up with labs but this was my first lab and I knew i never wanted to be without one again.

I did not think I was ready to get another dog and we still have our two little ones and I said to my daughter and husband the right dog will come to us as our six previous rescue dogs had done.

I was scrolling down facebook and I stopped at this amazing Black Lab with the saddest eyes and read her story.  She had recently been adopted for 4 months but the owner returned her to Lucky Dog as he decided to move up north and not take her.  At least he had the decency to return her to Lucky Dog and not leave her in the street.

We decided that we would go have a look and meet her which we did this morning.

She was a very sweet dog who loved other dogs and all people.  Lucky Dog had had her since she was a puppy and knew her very well.  She had never exhibted any aggressive towards anyone human or pawed.

We spent some time with her and knew we loved her and were going to take her into our home as her forever home.  She had been very sad since she was returned to Lucky Dog.

We had been to Lucky Dog before when we had found a puppy in the pouring rain outside our house.  As we had four dogs at that time we could not take him in but Lucky Dog did and he has since been adopted.

The facility is wonderful.  All dogs get to bunk with other dogs so they are not alone and they get plenty of love and attention.  They have beds and toys and food and water and are very well looked after.  All shots are also looked after and the dogs all appear to be very healthy.

If you do adopt a dog from Lucky Dog you make a donation of $250.00 pesos and are giving their history.

Our new Black Lab is arriving in an hour and we are very excited.

I knew she would come to us and she did.

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