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Lucky Dog escue and Adoption Center

Last Friday night I came home in the pouring rain and a soaking, sopping wet little puppy accosted me for my attention in front of my house.

He was black (with a white chest, white paws and a white tip on his tail) and he was so loving and affectionate.  I wanted to take him in with me but we already have three rescue dogs and I knew a fourth would be less than welcome plus he was a puppy.

I told my daughter about the little guy and we did bring him in and towel him off so he was nice and warm and feed him as he was so thin and made sure he had lots to drink.

As it turned out my daughter was allergic to him which meant my husband would be too.  This was very good for me because I would have had real trouble letting him go had it not been for that.

That night we posted pictures of him on facebook looking for a good home for him and also called our friend, Gudrun of the Lakeside Spay and Neuter Center.  They said they did not take puppies and anyway they were full.

We called a neighbor who had recently lost a dog but they were not ready to have another dog.

We then called Lucky Dog Rescue and Adoption Center to see if, by any slim chance, they had any room for our little orphan.

We were told to go to the Lucky Dog center when they open at 9:30 am and see if they had any room.  We did that the next day on Saturday but they were not open on Saturday until 10:00 am so we waited for 30 minutes and they received the good news from the volunteers that there was, indeed, space but we had to take him to Dr. Ladron on the carretera for a check up and if all was well he was in.

We went directly to see Dr. Antonio Ladron and found out our boy was 6-7 months old and in good health just underfed. Our spot was being held open for us until 2:00 om that day so we scrambled back to Lucky Dog and sadly left our little charge there leaving a donation and delighted he was able to be taken in.

We received an email the next day thanking us for bringing them such a delightful , sweet, affectionate little boy and told us he had a new dog house, a warm blanket, and food bowl and the staff had spent lots of time giving this lovely little pup lots of cuddles.  I was thrilled they were taking such good care of him and I am hoping he finds a forever home as soon as possible.

His name is Buddy and he would be a wonderful asset to any famiy. We thought later we should have named him Valentino as he was rescued on Valentine’s Day.

For more info about Lucky Dog Rescue and Adoption Center you can call Chris Bublin at 766-4282 and they are located on Gonzales Gallo between the Red Cross and Vista del Lago in Chapala.

We are very lucky to have such a wonderful facility here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

We did get an email

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