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Lucky Dog Rescue and Adoption Center

There is a new Rescue and Adoption Center opening in December to save abandoned dogs Lakeside.

They need your help to save these dogs. Every day, as you move around Lakeside you see thin dogs, hurt dogs and emaciated nursing mothers. They are fighting a hard battle to just survive.

As they open Lucky Dog they are going to work hard to heal these dogs brought to our new shelter. Lucky Dog is a group of seasoned volunteers from the old shelter that was generously funded by Geoffrey Kaye. At that shelter they gained the experience to adopt out 140 dogs a year that were spayed or neutered, healthy, and well socialized. They expect to do the same quality job at their new shelter.

They are their own entity. They thank Geoffrey Kaye and the Ladron de Guevara for their continuing support but they are responsible for the primary funding for this shelter. Lucky Dog needs your funds to help them save any dogs that will arrive at their door.

Some of the things they need to do are spay/neuters, emergency services, long term recovery care, and special foods and medicines.

For some dogs the costs are less, but costs for a “broken one” with large medical needs as well as the time required for healing can be much more.

Your generous donation can empower them to help more of those “broken ones”.

How can you help? They need annual supporters. They have the dog’s medical expenses and monthly expenses to cover. As volunteers they will use all monies donated for the care of our dogs. None of them are salaried in any way. If you can make a single or annual donation to help cover these costs please contact:

Chris Bublin 766-4282

Bob McKeown 766-3504 Cell 331 145 2405

Shelley Ronnfeldt 765-6828

Lucky Dog will also need volunteers and foster parents. To volunteer can be as little as a few hours a week to walk dogs, or sit and socialize with the dogs, or a regular commitment of time in assisting with every day and extraordinary needs.

From Chapala take Gonzales Gallo along the lake towards Mescala. Lucky Dog will be on the right just past the abarrote with the dog food bags next to the street.

Lucky Dog and their dogs thank you.

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