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Lunch at Number FOUR

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a ladies lunch at Number FOUR Restaurant last Friday.

Number FOUR is located at Donato Guerra # 4 in Ajijic and the phone # for reservations is 766-1360.

I think there were twenty ladies and I was very impressed how well everything was organized for us up to and including separate checks which throws most restaurants into a frenzy for that large a group. I must admit I thought it was odd to order separate checks too until I realized that some of the ladies did not drink and others did. When we all sat down at different times our drink orders were taken and we were served warm bread with herbed butter.

It was very difficult to make a decision as everything on Chef Greg Couillard’s Lunch Menu looked delicious. I think the two most popular entrees were the lamb sliders and the chicken teriyaki. (It used to be called Sexy Thighs at the Chili Bang Bar.) Others had the club sandwich, Vietnamese Noodles and Caesar Salad. The special soup was cold avocado and I had the special Thai Green Chicken Curry served over noodles with crisp vegetable and it was outstanding.

After everyone had their glass of wine, iced tea, diet coke or lemonade our orders were taken. How Javier, our waiter, managed to keep everything straight was a miracle but somehow he did it.

I had only one glass of wine as it was lunch but several of the ladies had several glasses of wine and as it was my first time I did not suggest that perhaps ordering by the bottle would have been more economical.

Chef Greg came to greet and chat with us as did the owner, Kim Everest. We all felt very welcome and were made to feel comfortable and valued.

The ladies all left at different times and everyone got their correct bill in a very timely fashion as it was asked for. (In Mexico it is the custom not to bring you your bill until you request it.)

It was an extremely pleasant two hours of excellent food, wine and service and interesting conversation.

I recommend that if you have a group outing coming up you might wish to consider Chef Greg Couillard’s Lunch at Number FOUR. You will not be disappointed. Ask for Javier to be your waiter and a perfect experience will be enjoyed by all.

Buen Provecho!

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