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Making the Move to Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

A Slice of Paradise

This morning I was enjoying a leisurely morning at Yoly’s Beauty Parlor (manicure, pedicure and hair) when I overhead a man talking about wanting to move to Mexico from Durango, Colorado but was having difficulties in convincing his wife to make the move.

I totally related to this as it took 10 years for my husband to talk me into making the move from Toronto 15 years ago.

As I have often said, I wish he had found the right words sooner as I have enjoyed every minute of every day since arriving in 1994.

This is not uncommon as many couples are not always on the same page as one party or the other is dragging their feet.

There are many reasons for this. Fear of the unknown is at the top of the list along with fear of language challenges.

Also leaving family, children and grandchildren, aging parents, homes lived in for many years and familiar surroundings give many pause.

I understand and have experienced all of these doubts along with the worry of raising our children (then 10 and 12) here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

Two things finally pushed me into agreeing with my husband to make the move. First was the coldest winter in Canada for over 50 years and second, the huge increase in our real estate taxes we were about to face.

It was my husband’s mother who put to rest of my fears about my children by telling me at he very least we were giving the kids the gift of another language.

This made a lot of sense to me as they were both in French immersion in Toronto so 3 languages seemed better than 2.

If you ask our children today they will tell you our moving to Mexico was the best thing that ever happened to them They both feel that many more horizons and opportunities have been opened to them.

As far as leaving family you will soon find they are more than happy to visit especially when the temperatures start to drop up north.

The new friends (in many cases like-minded as Mexico is not for everyone) that you will make will give you great joy and comfort. Your new friends will become your family away from home and you will spend holidays and birthdays with them and, of course, including your friends and family from home should they visit from up north.

So if you or your better half or three quarters are sitting on the fence about retiring or moving to Mexico sit no more. Jump in. The water is so much more than fine and better than you can possibly conceive of.

Also if one wishes to continue to work, the infrastructure is such in Ajijic, Lake Chapala that it affords you every opportunity of doing so.

Ajijic, Lake Chapala is a wonderful warm community full of happy people. The main reason for this,of course, is the unhappy ones go home leaving the rest of us to happily enjoy paradise.

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