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Malecon in Ajijic on Lake Chapala, Mexico

Malecon in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Our mayor, Gerardo Degollado, has a new plan for the north shore of Lake Chapala which he says is going to be very nice and family friendly. He is building a malecon (sea wall) from the pier in front of the Old Posada to the foot of Liberdad ( the Six Corners street).

It is going to be 6 meters wide and 10 meters above the level of Lake Chapala which will be level with the pier. Once of the main reasons for this paved construction is to avoid further flooding.

The existing park and many native and ficus trees are being removed and replaced with palm trees not indigenous to the Lake Chapala area.

The malecon will have a new park and recreational area with picnic tables and a sunken Greek type theatre with a stage and semi circular concrete benches. Cultural and musical events will be staged there.

His vision of this malecon will evidently, rival those in Chapala and Cancun.

Many residents have expressed their unhappiness about the tree removal to make way for his vision but on the plus side many residents have also expressed unhappiness about the week-end noise of young people and their loud music disturbing the peace along the lake.

This is an effort to make this an unfavorable environment for these antics to continue and will, instead, be a beautiful place for families to come and enjoy Lake Chapala. The area will be more like a Beach Club, if you will.

The mayor is going ahead with his plan and assures us it will be very nice place which will enhance the beauty of Ajijic and our enjoyment of Lake Chapala.

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