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Mango Season in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Mangoes in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

If you look out your window you may be lucky enough to see the heavy green mangoes on the trees with some already turning red with the sun.

June is the traditional onset of the mango season in Ajijic, Lake Chapala and is hugely anticipated by all.

The mango originated in Southeast Asia over 4,000 years ago and is the fruit most eaten raw. The mango is full of antioxidants known to stabilize free-radicals in the body which we now know cause all disease. Also they have wonderful enzymes which are excellent for good digestion.

There are many varieties of mangoes available in Mexico. The most popular being the Haden. Also there are the Kent (dark red color), the Tommy/Atkins (similar to the Kent), the Keitt (red and green) and the very popular Ataulfo (smaller, yellow and very sweet).

A couple of our favorite recipes for mangoes are mango salad and mango salsa.

Mango Salad is simply sliced mango, red onion and beefsteak tomatoes arranged in layers and dressed with cilantro and a lemon pepper dressing.

Mango Salsa is a wonderful fresh concoction of cubed mangoes, cilantro, fresh orange, lime and lemon juice, red onion and salt and pepper.

There is also a Thai Green Mango Salad which is spicy and delicious. You can access this wonderful recipe by googling Thai Green Salad Recipe. This recipe is a tad complex but well worth the effort.

At our house our neighbor’s have a mango tree which, fortuitously, hangs mostly over into our garden. Between the gardener, the birds and our dogs it is a rush to get the mangoes as they are usually gone before they touch the ground. Speed, therefore, is the essence as they start to ripen and fall.

Most people find preparing a mango a challenge as they have a very large oblong pit inside and they re also difficult to peel as they as so juicy. My suggestion is to persevere as one can get the hang of them after two or three exasperating tries. The result of finally successfully preparing a mango is most rewarding.

All of our seasons here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala are amazing and this the impending mango season is, indeed, one of our best and most anticipated. Enjoy!

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