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Marcelino Exclusive Designs in Leather in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

As we all know this is a very busy season but I needed to get two very good leather purses repaired before the festivities.

I was going to take them to the leather shop across from the old Posada in downtown Ajijic but there is a very small window of opportunity when they are actually open.

I then remembered a store on the Carretera I had once visited across from Plaza Montanas where I had bought a beautiful purse for a very reasonable amount years ago.

I went looking for this store and it was open and I asked Marcelino if he could fix my purse  The strap had broken but I did have the part.  He said he would fix it right away and got a chair for me to sit in while i waited.  I really did not need a chair as it was only a few minutes and it was good as new.  This cost me $50.00 pesos.

He then suggested I transferred my stuff from the other purse to my newly fixed one and leave the other one that needed two new leather handles as the other ones had worn through.  He said it would be ready tomorrow.

I was not able to make it the next day but called him to leave a message.  I went first thing the day after and they were open at 9:00 am and my purse was ready with two beautiful new soft leather handles.  This cost me $100.00 pesos.

I was very happy with the service, the workmanship and the price so I thought I would share this good experience with you.

Marcelino makes all kinds of leather goods, from purses and wallets to coats and all manner of leather accessories.

They are located on the Carretera Oriente #8 in Ajijic, Lake Chapala. Marcelino’s could be a wonderful place to finish off your Christmas shopping.

Their cell # is 045 333 967-8675.

Tell Marcelino I sent you.

I will be on holidays next Monday but will return January 4th, 2016.

Merry Christmas/Feliz Navidad  and Happy New Year/ Feliz Ano to all/a todos.

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