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Marti Sports Store in Ajijic, Laka Chapala

When we were first here over 17 years ago now I played tennis and when I needed new tennis shoes we would drive into Guadalajara to one of the big plazas to the sports chain store “Marti”. They always had everything I needed. They carried all the name brands at very good prices and I was very happy with my purchases.

I don’t play tennis anymore but I do still play golf and walk my dogs five days a week. I need shoes for both of these activities. I usually get my Footjoy golf sandals when we visit relatives in North Carolina and I have been buying walking sneakers at Walmart.

As my Walmart shoes were letting stones in the soles I realized it might be time for a new pair of sneakers. I went to Walmart to buy my third pair of Sky sneakers and this time they did not have my size. I remembered a friend had told me that there was a shoe store in the new plaza Centro Laguna Ajijic at the corner of the libramiento and the Chapala-Jocotepec carretera #206.

I decided to go there and see what I could find. You can imagine my delight when I pulled up in front of Deportes Marti S.A. de S.V.

As is turns out there is an only until the end of this week-end store wide sale of 20% off every item and many items have a greater discounts up to 40%. I was elated as I hopped out of the car and into my favorite Mexican sports store.

A very nice young man, Luis Alberto, came up to me and offered to help me speaking very good English.

The selection is amazing and I was able to buy Nike walking shoes, in my size, and they had many models to choose from. I also got a pair of Nike flip flops which are incredibly comfortable and three pairs of soft sports socks. The last thing I added to my cart, as it were, was a pair of Nike walking capris in a wonderful lightweight taffeta material.

They have sports shoes and clothing for all sports for men, women and children in all name brands and the quality is excellent.

You can send visit their web site at:

I have worn my new flip flops and walking shoes and socks and they all fit perfectly and are supremely comfortable.

You have 30 days to return any purchases with your receipt.

I am delighted we now have this wonderful sport store “Marti” in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

They were expecting a new shipment of sports clothes today and I am sure Luis will look after you as well as he looked after me.

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