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Maskaras Clinic in Riberas del Pilar

Once again Dr. Carlos Garcia and Maskaras Clinic came through for our family with dispatch and kindness.

A freak accident caused my daughter to tear a ligament in her foot which was extremely painful. I was summoned to take her for an x-ray to see how serious the damage was. I called ahead to Maskaras Clinic (765-4805) to make sure Victor was there to take an x-ray and as he was we lifted our daughter into the car and proceeded with all due haste to Maskaras Clinic. Victor, the technician, met us at the door with a wheelchair, helped get my daughter out of the car and took her upstairs for a shot for pain before attempting the x-ray.

Blood pressure taken and pain medication duly administered our daughter was taken back downstairs for the x-rays. Nothing seemed broken and Dr. Garcia was called in for consultation.

After gingerly examining the foot in question and the x-ray he proclaimed that nothing was broken but a ligament had been torn which could be worse than a fracture if not properly taken care of.

He provided us with a plastic splint- like boot to keep the foot still and lengthy instructions on the care of the foot for the next week.

Appropriate pain and anti-inflammatory medications were prescribed and purchased and we were home within the hour.

The staff was wonderful and efficient from the receptionist, Judith, to the nurse, Manuela, Victor and, of course, Dr. Garcia himself who always takes such good care of our family.

We have been going to Dr. Garcia for the 17 years we have lived in Ajijic, Lake Chapala and have never in all of those years had occasion to doubt his diagnosis or treatment.

We are very happy always with how we are looked after at Maskaras Clinic and we think you will be too.

Dr. Garcia offers a Plan for reduced rates for visits, labs and x-rays etc. and had visiting doctors from Guadalajara in a number of specialties.

Maskaras Clinic is located in Riberas del Pilar on Hidalgo 70-G (which is the carretera) halfway to Chapala on the lake side.


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