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Massacre at Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida June 11th and 12th, 2016

This is the headline that we read today about the attack on Orlando’s Pulse Night Club over the week-end.

President Obama talked about love and prayer and standing with those on Orlando and offering every help the federal government can give to the people of Orlando during the investigation.

Love and prayer are wonderful and do work in many cases but what is clearly called for here is a ban on assalt rifles being in the hands of people such as Omar Matteen, who was interviewed by the FBI three times and let go, cannot get his hands legally or illegally on weapons that will kill 50 people injuring 52 or so more some critically.

Violence is not the answer either.  Orlando Commissioner, Patty Sheehan, seemed to make the most sense when she spoke about trying to inderstand the hate and offer love and inclusion to the disenfranchised Muslim radicals.

Something has to change and President Obama seemed to have an air of resignation when making his remarks about this terrible tragedy.  What has to change is the that someone has to stand up to the NRA and their culture of guns and killing under the heading of the Second Amendment and protecting themselves.

These guns so easily available are killing their children accidentally in their own homes and now another 50 innocent people have been gunned down despite the armed guard at the door of Pulse Night Club.

The fact that Pulse is a highly respected LGBT club is further proof of the culture of hatred is so wrong and out of place in 2016.

It is simple greed of the politicians that are being held ransom by the NRA and do not deserve their place in government.  Protecting the Second Amendment should not be more important than protecting the citizens they are elected to serve and protect yet clearly it is.

What is going to have to happen for this gun culture to change?  In Canada there were 8 gun related incidents in the last 20 years and in the US there were 7 in the last week.

This has to stop and electing the presumptive Republican nominee as President is guarenteed to make things much worse.  Someone has to stop this and the only people that can do it are the American people who have finally had enough and no longer wish to support the Second Amenment over the lives of their children and neighbors.

Ban assault rifles now before the next inevitable attack on your citizens.

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