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Maybe You Would Like a New Web Site for 2015

First I would like to wish everyone of our clients, friends and family members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. We wish to thank you all for your love, trust and support in making 2014 a very good year and look forward to continuing to serve your needs.

I would also like to suggest a possible resource for those of you who may be thinking of a new web site for 2015.

The name of the company is Clever Couple Design Studio and they specialize in Web Design, Web Development, SED and photography.

Their web site is

Christine Reynier can be reached  at (416) 727-0882 and Conner Wallis-Collins at (416) 669-7762


Ask for your 20% discount for a limited time only for Web Design and Web Development and start your new year with an exciting new look to effectively promote your business or service.

Feliz Navidad y Ano Nuevo a todos.  (English and Spanish Spoken)

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