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Medical Care in Ajijic/Lake Chapala

On Friday we were out with friends at the Red Piano to see a show I was very much looking forward to seeing.  Before the show and after one sip of white wine I did not feel well.  My daughter came and picked me up and I had a terrible night but was much better the next day and fine by Sunday.

On Monday morning both my daughter and my husband were much sicker than I was so I called the doctor immediately.  Our doctor was not in town but his associate came at once and took all kinds of samples and later that day techs from the lab came again to the house to finish the required tests.

By 7:00 pm that night I had prescriptions for both of them and a rough idea of the problems.  They both felt better once they had taken their antibiotics and by yesterday they felt better still.

Later in the day our regular doctor, Dr. Carlos Garcia at Maskaras (376) 765-4805 called to confirm they were on the correct medications and cofirmed the diagnoses.

Follow up appointments and subsequent tests were booked and I was finally able to exhale.

It had been a very scary couple of days but I feel very lucky that we have the quality of medical care that we have here in Ajijic/Lake Chapala.

Had we been in Toronto there would have been no chance of getting a doctor to make a house call and getting any lab work would have been weeks in the future.

There is also a plan one can purchase at Maskaras which covers doctor’s appointments and discounts for  lab and clinic costs.  Although health care in Canada is free it is not always timely anymore and we all know the well-documented prohibitive costs of health care in the US.

I am very happy that we  have a doctor that looks after every member of our family and has done so since we have moved here in 1994.

My husband is back at work today and, hopefully, my daughter will be tomorrow.  We are also very lucky our other daughter was able to fill in at the office during their absence.

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