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Medical Facilities in Lake Chapala, Ajijic Mexico

Medical Facilities in Lake Chapala, Ajijic, Mexico

Many people worry about leaving home and moving to another country because of medical considerations. Let me assure you that here in Ajijic/Lake Chapala we have world class medical care available.

The Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic offers many free services such as blood pressure testing, diabetes testing, eye exams, hearing testing, skin cancer testing, osteoporosis testing etc.  They also invite insurance companies to come and present to lakeside residents the benefits of their specific coverage.

Clinica Maskaras on the carretera between Ajijic and Chapala, headed by Dr. Carlos Garcia, has doctors from Guadalajara covering all disciplines coming regularly to lakeside. Clinica Maskaras offers unlimited visits and discounts on lab and radiology for a very reasonable flat fee of approx. $250.00US. There is also an excellent dentist, Dr. Don Olivera, on site. Of course, English is spoken.

Guadalajara has people coming from all over the world to their medical universities and there are many excellent hospitals.  San Javier and Del Carmen are two of the best. Foreign insurance is accepted and there are wonderful specialists covering everything from cardiology and oncology to lasik eye surgery and all forms of plastic surgery for a fraction of the costs up north. The facilities and care are superb.

We also have a national insurance coverage called IMSS which is very affordable and readily available.

So if medical care is one of your concerns you can check this off your clipboard.  You will be very well looked after if you take ill. Should you wish to go home for any further treatment required medivac insurance is also available.

If your older relaltives wish to join you here in paradise there are many assisted living facilities to choose from.  The Mexicans are a very caring people who will take excellent care of you and your loved ones.

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