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Medical Second Opinions

This is not precisely a Medical Second Opinion piece but I did not know what other headline to use.

Every three months I go to my doctor as I am a firm believer in early detection as it has saved my life twice.

Everything was going swimmingly when he told me I had lost 10 pounds (yes I was trying to lose weight) and my A1C had lowered by 2 points.  Both results were very good news.  My doctor then said almost as an aside that I had Anemia.

Needless, to say I was more than startled as I had never felt better and had no symptoms of this ailment.

I asked if it was serious and he paused (never a good sign in a doctor) and said “not necessarily, but we do have to do more tests to find out what is causing it”.

He wanted the tests done right away (again not a good sign) and I was to obtain the results and report back to him the very next day.  These extra tests were not cheap but money is not an issue when you are dealing with your health.

I went online to find out more about a disease that was only a vague concept to me and something that someone else had and certainly not me.  I had none of the symptoms offered up but, nonetheless, did not care for the possible causes and possibly necessary treatments.

One of the first things that come to mind is an iron deficiency from not eating dark green vegetables.  My daughter and I, in an effort to get semi-fit before the holidays, had changed our lifestyle to eat more broccoli and spinach than I had ever eaten heretofore.

I had more energy as I had also started doing Yoga three times a week along with my 5 day a week walking regimen.  I have not smoked in over 3 years and was sleeping like a baby.

I was supposed to call at 1:00 pm to see if the results of the new tests were ready but called just after noon as I was, to say the least anxious.  I am not sure that going online to review the possibilities of any given illness is a wise move as one tends to think the worst.

The results were ready and I rushed out of the house to get them and get them into my doctor’s hands forthwith.

He said some of the result were missing and left me sitting in his office for almost an hour and, of course, my imagination was running wild.  All this was also happening a week before our entire family were coming home for the holidays

When he returned he said he had redone some of the tests and they came back normal.  Everything was fine I did not have Anemia and the first results were wrong.  Not only that as it was the lab’s mistake I was reimbursed for the cost of the second set of tests.

I don’t suggest that you question every result you get but if you have any doubts, as my doctor luckily did as I had no symptoms, having the tests redone are extremely worthwhile.

So you see why I had a problem properly titling this piece.  Perhaps “Always trust your instincts” would have made a better title.

I am very lucky to have such a good doctor and a lab that has only made one mistake (that I know of) in the 16 years I been availing myself of their services.

My doctor is Dr. Carlos Garcia Diez del Castillo at Maskaras Clinic.  765-4805 and my lab is Go also located in the Markaras Plaza.  Lulu 106-0881.

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