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Mexican Birthday Party in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Mexican Birthday Party

Last night we were invited to a Mexican birthday party for the daughter of very dear friends of ours at their home on Lake Chapala. We were invited for 6:00pm but arrived at 6:30pm and, of course, were the first ones there.

When we drove to their home we had not been to that part of Lake Chapala is some time and the view when we reached the lake was breathtaking. The water is very high at the moment and lapping up on the shore like the ocean with the same wonderful sounds of the waves. The sun was setting and lit up the sky in a magnificent array of colors and we reflected again how lucky we are to live in paradise.

Back to our time of arrival. You would think that after so many years living in Ajijic/Lake Chapala we would have learned that an invitation for 6:00 pm means that people usually start streaming in around 10:00pm. Evidently, the Mexican rule of thumb is to start getting ready for the event at the time you were invited.

Walking into their lovely garden we were greeted by twinkling lights and wonderful smells of the taco man who had been hired to make an assortment of freshly made tacos for the guests. There was chicken, chile con carne, pork, tongue, beans, potatoes and chorizo, guacamole and different salad along with various savory dishes brought by friends and family. Horchata was served along with whatever else you could possibly want to drink. I had what is considered the “Gringo platter” which consists of quesadillas and potato and chorizo tacos and guacamole.

The beauty of Mexican parties is that all ages are welcome. Children were happily running and playing while their parents could enjoy themselves knowing their children were safe and taken care of. Teenagers were filing in the most current of fashions milling around shyly until the arrival of the disc jockey when they let go and commenced the dancing. Family member were there to also entertain the guests as it is a very musical family and everyone joins in.

There was a hair stylist imported from Guadalajara to beautify the birthday girl and her friends and available to anyone desiring a new do.

The bedrock of the event was food, music of all kinds, dancing, warmth, friends and family in a beautiful garden by Lake Chapala. The Mexicans are a very warm and welcoming people and we felt yet again very fortunate to have been included in this very special occasion.

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