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Mexican Medicine in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Mexican Medicine

We had an occasion to take a visiting relative from Canada to Dr. Carlos Garcia at Clinic Maskaras.

To being with we were able to get an appointment in 15 minutes – the same day!

Next, on arrival the patient was weighed and vital signs duly noted and within minutes we were in the doctor’s office and the consultation had begun. As this was a new patient he asked tons of questions compiling a very comprehensive dossier going back almost to birth. How many doctors have asked you if you have had dengue fever now or when you were three?

After a brief but thorough examination some tests were ordered. These immediately took place at the clinic and at the lab next door. Results will be ready on Tuesday and a follow up consultation will take place free of charge to ascertain the problem and subsequent course of treatment.

All of this was painless, pleasant and extremely efficient.

Now had we been in Canada a doctor’s appointment could have taken weeks to set up. Any necessary tests would have scheduled for sometime in the distant future. The amount of time taken for the consultation would be the barest minimum and any diagnosing and treating of the problem may or may not occur in the same calendar year.

Also any questions are welcomed and dealt with most satisfactory as doctors in this country or certainly, Dr. Garcia, seem to grasp that is it your body that we are talking about and, therefore, any questions by the patient are not intrusive.

The cost of this total procedure was approx. $100.00 US including all tests, lab work and follow up consultation.

As the American government try to hammer out a new health plan that will better serve its population I feel very lucky that we are so well looked after here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala and at such a reasonable price.

Our health is our most important asset and it is very refreshing to deal with medical personel who share that view.

I wish you all a very, Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

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