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Mexico = Paradise

Mexico = Paradise

Having been living in Ajijic, Lake Chapala now for almost 15 years I still ask myself the question “Where in the world would I rather be?”

Would I rather be in Iraq even with the “surge” being successful? No, I would not.

Would I rather be in Afghanistan where the Taliban are making a comeback? No, I would not.

Would I rather be in Pakistan where the Taliban are 60 miles outside the capital of Islamabad? Here the Taliban are pushing themselves forward as Robin Hood like figrues to protect the poor. Really? No, I would not.

Would I rather be in the United States hurricane belt which is approaching hurricane season? No, I would not.

Or California where your house can slip into the Pacific Ocean or burn to the ground in a wildfire? The same answer applies.

Or Louisiana where they are still trying to rebuild after Katrina? Even with their annual Jazz Festival tourism is still way down and help is slow to come.

What about my home of Canada? The taxes are too high and the climate is too cold.

Europe is very exciting but very expensive. London, a wonderful, city, has regular terrorist threats and is even more expensive than its counterparts on the continent.

Africa whose country of Kenya is said to rival our exquisite climate here has a rather bothersome political situation at the moment.

Australia is too far away from friends and family but is very beautiful.

Again in South America there are some dodgy leaders with ideas not quite on a plane with my own.

For some inexplicable reason I have never had any desire to visit or live in Asia even though many have said its beauty is unrivaled in the world and its culture very interesting.

Here is Ajijic, Lake Chapala, I am 40 minutes from an International Airport which can fly me swiftly to Canada to see friends and family and Guadalajara is a world class city having all the amenities of my native Toronto, Canada.

Everything I could ever want is right here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala. I even found Lemon Grass at Superlake the other day. I was thrilled as it was a necessary ingredient in my green curry.

So even with the swine flu outbreak in Mexico City this is still the best place on earth. Mexican and American health authorities are working together with health officials worldwide to contain this virus as quickly as possible.

If you have any flu like symptoms go to your doctor, wash your hands frequently, and be alert. I think President Obama put it best when he said “this is cause for “concern” not for “alarm”.

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