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Michael Merryman and Ajijic Electronics S.A. de C.V.

Last Sunday we were out for dinner with friends and family and decided we wanted to get home to see the Grammy’s (which Adele swept) and one of our favorite shows the award winning “Downton Abbey”.

We came home to a black house and two howling dogs.

Someone had driven into one of the hydro poles on the service road two blocks below our street and it caused a power surge which knocked out 2 TVs, 1 DVD player, the clock on our stove and our Leaf Frog device which allows us to change Star Choice channels in our bedroom. We went to bed early as we did not expect power to be returned anytime soon as it was Sunday night. Just as we were dozing off power was restored but, of course, our shows were over.

Thanks to I was able to see Adele’s award winning performance of “Rolling in the Deep” and her emotional acceptance speech and there will be an encore presentation of “Downton Abbey” Saturday, February 18th, 2012.

As we love to watch TV in bed I knew I had to do something fast to restore all of our electronics that we lost during the power outage and surge. We do have surge protectors in the living room and den but not in the bedroom.

Fortunately, Michael Merryman had “friended” me on Facebook and I sent him an urgent message. We have known Michael Merryman since we moved to Ajijic in 1994 and have used his company’s services for years as well as recommending him to our clients with confidence. In fact, the only phone number my husband knows by memory is Michael’s.

Since we got Star Choice we have not needed Michael as often so I was thrilled when I contacted him he responded to me right away.

I did check out new TVs at Walmart and they do have some excellent brand names at very good prices but I wanted to see if my TV could be fixed first. Michael’s people came the same day to pick up the TV and helped move the TV from the den into the bedroom as a stopgap measure. It is now returned and working fine for a very reasonable price. We have a new surge protector for the bedroom and a new remote for Star Choice (Shaw Direct) and our Leap Frog is also being repaired.

All of this was painless and once again the service we got from Michael and Ajijic Electronics was superb. They do Satellite TV, Broadband, Home Theater Installations and Satellite Radio. They are located on Las Flores #2 in Ajijic and their phone # is (376) 766-1117.

Give them a call – we continue to highly recommend them.

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