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Monday Market a Success

The New Monday Market at the Hole-in-One Restaurant was a huge success. There were wall to wall people and lots of wonderful sights and smells.

There is a guy from New York who makes the best meatballs you have ever tasted. Here are some more of the items available:

Handmade Crafts for Christmas Necklaces Scarves Hats Decorative Items Soft Stuffed Animals Jewelry Organic Beauty Products Purses

Sauces, soups, middle eastern food, cakes, pies, gluten free products, Weight Watchers food with points, cookies (my favorite were the delicious oatmeal), preserves and pickles, organic wine and coffee from Oaxaca and, of course, the simply spectacular Slice of Heaven cheesecakes.

All prices are very reasonable and it is a great place to do your Christmas shopping and perhaps indulge in a treat for you.

All the booths have friendly staff and are very eager to help and answer questions.

I liked a lot of the handmade Christmas decorations and wreaths which would adorn any home and make it very warm and Christmasy.

Come next Monday November 21st from 10:00 am – 12 noon and see all the wonderful selections for yourself.

See you there!

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