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More on Ajijic Real Estate from Lake Chapala, Mexico

The economy seems to have a mind of its own and continues to fluctuate up and down depending on world situations and other nebulous events.

Here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala we do seem to be recovering slightly from the “recession”.

One of the sure fire gauges is that the Nueva Posada is busy again. The dining room and garden are full of happy eaters, the rooms and 4 villas are booked and they are catering many special events, weddings etc. Tour leaders are bringing interested parties back to Mexico and many activities are planned for the tourists along with meals, shopping and looking at properties in the area.

Houses are selling again which is good for both buyers and sellers and a feeling of impending optimism is permeating our magical village in the sun.

Of course, there are many other destinations for those looking to relocate or retire, but for many, Ajijic, Lake Chapala still offers the best weather, the lowest cost of living and the warmest people.

As I have said before Ajijic, Lake Chapala is not for everyone but some of things I have enjoyed over the last 16 years still hold true. It is a great place to raise your children – teaching them another language and giving them excellent values. You can be as busy with daily activities, year round golf, tennis, book clubs, card clubs, garden clubs, cooking clubs, learning Spanish, a thriving art and theater community, excellent restaurants to enjoy and interesting shopping in the village or world class shopping in the nearly city of Guadalajara.

If you prefer you can sit on your terraza, overlooking the lake and mountains, with your cup of coffee or glass of wine and do absolutely nothing other to enjoy this amazing village in the sun nestled between the Sierra Madres Mountains and the largest lake in Mexico the sparkling Lake Chapala.

Year round fabulous weather and abundant flowers and bougainvillea cascading over the stone walls on the cobble stoned streets are good for the soul.

Right now would be a wonderful time to visit Ajijic, Lake Chapala for a few reasons.

First we are enjoying the rainy season (June 15- October 15) which the most beautiful of all our beautiful seasons on the year.

Second the snow birds have gone home so real estate brokers and agents will have more time to spend with you helping you find your ideal home in paradise.

Third the economy is finally on the upswing and certainly your Canadian dollar will go farther than ever.

What you want to find is a real estate broker who will listen to you, learn what it is you are looking for and what you must have and could do without and then show you properties that fit your criteria. They should also be willing to show you the varied areas of Ajijic, Lake Chapala and the pluses of the different areas for you.

I have lived in Ajijic, Lake Chapala for 16 years and I can say with complete honesty that they have been the happiest 16 years of my life.

Nothing is perfect but for the residents of Ajijic we all agree Ajijic, Lake Chapala comes pretty close.

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