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Navidad is Upon Us

Here it is December in Ajijic, Lake Chapala and it is still warm and sunny during the day and only slightly cooler at night which is perfect for sleeping. Last year we did not use our extra quilt on our bed once nor did I turn on the heater we have in the living room.

I notice that is not too cold in Toronto, Canada either. Not as warm as we are here but not too cold nonetheless.

Our friends and family that are going back up north are all searching for warm clothes as it is cold and rainy in northern California and snowing in Seattle. One of the most attractive attributes of living in Ajijic, Lake Chapala has to be the amazing climate which is arguably the best in the world. I am grateful every day as I walk my dogs in the beautiful sunshine looking at the wonderful flowering trees and flowers and, of course, there are wild Nochebuenas (poinsettias) everywhere.

Christmas (Navidad) is in the air and Christmas music is playing everywhere and frangrant Arboles de Navidad (Christmas Trees) can be purchased in a number of places including Superlake and Walmart.

There is an extensive selection of indoor and outdoor lights at Walmart and every conceivable decoration, wrapping paper, bags and cards. They also have imitation trees for those who prefer not having a house full of pine needles.

All the ingredients for sumptuous Christmas dinners are available with all the accoutrements and if you do not see something you want at Superlake just ask Pancho and he will procure it for you.

I would also suggest you drop in to Florence ROWE Boutique to find the perfect holiday outfit. Florence ROWE is located right beside the church on the main plaza in Ajijic.

There are some money saving wine sales at Walmart as well so one can stock up for their holiday entertaining.

Fire logs, real and fake, can be purchased in a lot of places for your warming holiday fires.

There are Christmas Bazaars with handmade crafts and holiday markets and the stores are filling up with interesting holiday ideas. Check the Guadalajara Reporter for times, dates and locations of these bazaars and markets.

Also watch for any children’s Posadas which can be great fun to watch.

It is also very exciting waiting for the arrival of family and friends who will be arriving to celebrate the holidays with us.

It has often been said that it would be nice it this warm, kind and wonderful Christmas feeling could last the whole year through.

Enjoy the season and be kind to one another and please don’t forget those less fortunate than ourselves.

Feliz Navidad!

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