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New Fresh Bakery Section at Superlake

I have noticed for the last few days that Poncho, my friend, who runs Superlake in San Antonio Tlayacapan, has started to bake fresh goods every day. Today the aroma captured my attention and I bought a fresh healthy multi-grain baguette.

Now I consider myself a bit of a bread connoisseur and I can tell you it is the best bread I have ever eaten. There were also several other types of fresh bread in different flavors and shapes. They also have fresh muffins, and baked treats of all types, sized and shapes. Everything seems to be ready about 10:00 am and I strongly recommend you sample some of these delicious fresh daily baked goods.

I am not surprised that Poncho is once again doing everything he can to make shopping at Superlake a wonderful and personal experience with good service and almost everything one can think of available.

If what you require is not available ask to speak to Poncho and he will have it for you in a couple of days.

A complaint that some expats have is that the prices are expensive at Superlake. My response to that is that you have a choice of selecting imported products or buying local and Mexican products. I like to have the choice and as we have a number of cooks in our family I need the assortment of specialty ingredients able to fulfill all recipes.

I do shop at Walmart about twice a month for certain things but Superlake is definitely my “go to” supermarket.

I shop at Superlake every day and I always enjoy it. The staff is friendly and helpful and I always find whatever I need. I also like that many Kirkland products available at Superlake. You may pay a few pesos more for these items but, for me, it beats a trip into Guadalajara with all the stress of traffic and parking difficulties not to mention the joys of the glorietas (roundabouts).

I also want to mention that Poncho has fabulous whole beef tenderloins and boneless legs and racks of lamb available from Cosco in his freezer. We have sampled both and were delighted with both the beef and the lamb.

Poncho still has some delicious Butternut Squash in the store and everything else you will need for your Thanksgiving Feast.

Christmas Tress (Arboles de Navidad) will be available soon and will be delivered without charge to your door.

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