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No Place like Home

We have Star Choice television from Canada which we get from Shaw Direct and for more information you can access their web site at:

We also have local cable. Prior to Star Choice we had always been very professionally looked after by Ajijic Electronics S.A. de C.V. Ajijic Electronics is located at Las Flores #2-A in Ajijic and the telephone # is 766-1117 and 766-3371. The emails are: or The partners Michael Merryman and Mario Jiminez and they have been servicing lakeside for 18 years.

They offer sales and service of components and complete satellite, TV Systems and Interphones. Their office hours are from 9:00 am to 2:00 p ad 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. Also now at lakeside Ajijic Electronics offer Shaw Direct Internet via Satellite, Dish Network, Vonage Internet Phone Service, Terraneo and bticino Interphone Systems.

We have been happily dealing with Mike and Mario right up until the time we got Star Choice and needed them once again today.

Our Star Choice Remote, for some reason, was stuck on Pay Per View and the guide would show nothing else even though you could access the different channels when you tried to go to the guide (a fabulous feature of Star Choice by the way) it went right to PPV and would show nothing else.

Now, in our house, we have become dependent on the remote guide and when it was not working we were not happy. Our first instinct was to unplug and re plug in the system which did not work. Then we tried thumbing through the guide to see if we could find a solution and then I suggested we go to “options” and see what was offered up.

We did manage to change the remote from All PPV to All Programs twice but then the guide went immediately back to All PPV. My husband then suggested we call Star Choice who boast they provide a 24/7 service to users. We called on Skype and were told we were looking at a 45 minute wait. An hour later my husband came to bed with no answer to our call and no solution to our faulty remote.

Naturally, I knew the fixing of the remote would fall into my hands this morning. I played with the remote for a few minutes, rebooted and then put another Skype call into Star Choice and was again advised I was looking at a 45-50 minute wait. I went about my morning chores and then decided to call my old friends at Ajijic Electronics. First I messaged Michael Merryman on Facebook which is how I do most of my communicating now and then I called the office and got Mario.

I asked him if he could help me and sure enough he knew exactly what to do. We had been on the right track last night going to “options” on the remote and trying to change it from All PPV to All Programs but where we had made our error was in not “saving” our new selection. I did as Mario advised and it was fixed in a heartbeat.

I then hung up the phone and was thankful that our almost two hours on hold cost nothing due to using our Skype account.

The moral of the story is, once again, the folks at Ajijic Electronics solved our problem quickly and efficiently proving that there is, indeed, no place like home.

We recommend confidently Ajijic Electronics to friends and clients for all television and phone needs. They will look after you as they have looked after us for so many years.

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