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Well Christmas/Navidad is almost upon us once more and we are all busy decorating our houses for the festive season which drives some of us to drink more eggnog and Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry that perhaps we should.

One of things I have always enjoyed about this time of year is seeking out the perfect Nochebuenas (Poinsettias) to adorn our homes and gardens. This year I heard about a nursery that I had previously not been to. It is on San Jose in San Antonio Tlayacapan just down from the carretera and, in fact, you can see it from the highway on the left hand side going down to the lake. San Jose is the first traffic light past the libramiente just before Superlake.

I knew exactly what I wanted and anyone who has lived here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala for a little while knows that we are not always successful in accomplishing everything on our “to do” lists in one trip.

That is why I was so happy with this new nursery that had come highly recommended. To begin with it is larger than any nursery we are used to and there seems to be acres of wonderful plants, flowers, trees, pots and everyone conceivable type, color and size of Nochebuenas. They vary in price depending on size and I was able to purchase the 10 medium sized and one huge red poinsettia that I was looking for. I also bought a very nice dark green glazed pot for the large poinsettia and was very happy with the price.

The service was terrific and my purchases were loaded into my car by a very nice man who was very eager to make sure I was happy and had found everything I wanted.

I will definitely return to this nursery probably this week-end as I just noticed one of my gardenias is looking a little sad and we all need to look our best for the Holidays.

This nursery has a very nice selection of pots in all sizes and colors both natural cantera and glazed.

Prices for their Nochebuenas start at $18.00 pesos per pot and go up to $300.00 pesos and their pots (masetas) run about $100.00 – $200.00 pesos each. Very reasonable prices, very good fresh products and great selection are what this nursery offers.

Feliz Navidad y Ano Nuevo a todos!

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